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The Moon - Close up with a Sony Zoomeye VCL-FS2K 720P

Some footage I have shot with a Sony PD170 and a Sony Zoomeye VCL-FS2K.\r
The VCL-FS2K multiplies the zoom range of a camera 10 times. Depending on the camera it allows you to see the craters on the moon!\r
The movement of the moon is the actual movement of the moon, there is no camera movement.\r
This footage was shot in 2007.\r
Let me know what you think!\r
Audio information for this video\r
Artist: Duncan Pittock\r
Song: Anxious\r
Album: ANW1161 - Editor's Series, Drones, Textures\r
Time: 02:10\r
Genre: Moods\r
Label: J




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