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Pourquoi choisir la boucle de mélange Grundfos MIXIT?

Le Directeur Technique Hervé Ascencio explique en quoi Mixit fait la différence et devient incontournable lorsqu'il s'agit du choix d'une installation de boucle de mélange. Connectivité, raccordement, communication sont détaillés dans cette courte vidéo.

Factory optimises district heating with MIXIT intelligent controller

The Envases can factory in Odense, Denmark, has installed district heating and a heat recovery system, replacing its old, boiler-fed heating system. During the retrofit, Envases replaced traditional heating mixing loops with Grundfos MIXIT units ( Each solution consists of a MAGNA3 circulation pump ( and MIXIT, an advanced mixing unit with integrated valve, sensors and controller. It can predict circulation temperatures after demand and connects with the Building Management System. “This will save us a lot of energy,” says Facility and Maintenance Manager Henrik Knudsen of Envases Europe.

This is the second of two case videos on Envases. The first one covered the easy installation of Grundfos MIXIT:

Read the full story and learn more at the Grundfos website:


Grundfos Jet Pump - Easy Installation Guide

The Grundfos Jet Pump range comprises three configurations,
all built on the robust self-priming Grundfos JP Pump.

00:19 - Pre-checks \u0026 tools needed
01:37 - Install the pipework
02:05 - Priming the pump
02:37 - Startup

To find out more about the JP range visit:

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